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When someone..say, gives a stupid blonde girl a little tiny cup of vodka and then she thinks she's drunk...
or someone puts grass in a pipe and tells you its marijuana but you think you are high. ohhh shit that bitch just got placebooo'd
by F Schnitzel August 21, 2007
When someone calls your phone and you dont want to talk to them, you press the "Ignore" button.
Dude the phone only rang for 4 seconds before it went to voicemail....i think that bitch just clicked on me!!
by F Schnitzel August 21, 2007
To have sex with many people in one night, or when you first lose your virginity you also earn your vag badge, but it gets revoked as time passes where you arent gettin any poon, and it is still acceptable to say you earned your vag badge even if you are not a virgin and you just banged 4 chicks, you dont maintain this vag badge, because if you did, then you could never say:
"i got my vag badge tonight!"
by F Schnitzel August 21, 2007
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