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Rotten Anus is the medical term used when describing someone who has the power to kill whole forests by expelling the toxic fumes from his or her bowels. Over time the persons anus will become so rotten that medical attention may be required. Please note that Rotten Anus can, and has, caused those around the sick individual to vomit and go into seizure.
Well we had to share a room, and I can't believe I've been exposed to Rotten Anus. That stank woke me up in the middle of the night. I thought terrorists were dropping mustard gas on the hotel. Jeeze, I mean, I feel bad for people with major medical issues, but this is just horrendous. My entire nasal passages have now been exposed to the deadly Rotten Anus. Will I ever make it to 40? Damn-death by Rotten Anus. Shitty.
by F'ed Up September 27, 2007
A Bush League Pirate is a person that allows others to run
his/her life.
Why is he being such Bush League Pirate? He used to be cool. Look at that turtle head drinking O'Douls. I bet he queefs too.
by F'ed Up October 12, 2007

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