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Apple Juice is one of my most prized possetions in all of man-kind. Girls dont treat my needs, its the apple juice that gives me the satisfaction i need to carry on with my day. if i dont get my share of apple juice everyday, you dont wanna be around, you don't wanna make me angry, cuz u wont like me when im angry. The Second i break the seal, its like penetrating the tightest vagina, possibly, ever produced. e.g: like a six year old child. As soon as that crisp liquid touches my tongue, it just makes me wanna jump. ...... crack the seal on a 1 litre of that good ol' A.J, it will rock your world! seriously, rock you like a hurricane. The Best Kind Of Apple Juice To Purchase, For Exeptional Price, along with the exquisant flavour. And the smoothness of the no pulp beverage. This Drink Has Been Nominated as the best drink in the universe, defeating the grape drank by a mile. literally, a mile. I mean thats a long way. Come on! Now i will reveal the hidden brand name and all elements that comes along with it. Here It is!, Apple Juice, Low Acid, From Concentrate, HAS TO BE NO NAME!
Evan, Colton, Nathan, Big Bear, Slamel, Hannah your an ape oh, btw apple juice gives me boners
by E~Vergz December 17, 2010
An Abnormally Large Human Being. Found In The Common Highschool. This Species Has Been Learking Around Our Local Communites For Ages. Theres Really No Way Of Stopping the Horrifing Beast. The Best Thing Is So Avoid This Creature, The Best You Can..... He's Not Very Sneeky Due To The Size Of Him. They May Have A Terrible Smell To Them, Depending On Age. Some Nicknames That May Be Used To Lure The Beast In Are, SLS, (sticks like shit), Big Bear, And If You Yell "Fatty" In A Very Deep Voice He May Respond Within 30mins, Depending on Location. Overall, It Is A Death Defying Creature, And Best To Keep A Great Distance.
Nathan, Fatty Nate, Big Bear, SLS, You name it
by E~Vergz December 11, 2010
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