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The process in which an Iksar is dominated by an Enchanter.
You, have been Skelacked.
by Ezrielli February 12, 2003
Rhymes with Skelack but is totally unrelated. This is a practice where the victims asscheeks are closed shut with Plaster of Paris. Usually the outcome of returning a car with less gas then when you left, /q'ing during an epic raid or hitting on a guy that one of your friends is after. (See sleepover)
"Oh god, vapor lock!"
by Ezrielli February 12, 2003
An activity in which you become intoxicated and fall asleep in a semi unfamiliar surrounding. Be wary of having your asscheeks shlacked under some circumstances. (See shlack)
"Hey man, theyre really drunk, haha get the Plaster of Paris"
by Ezrielli February 12, 2003

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