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Your local Jewish community services building. Etymology: Yiddish word: Yenta (n./v. A gossip, or busybody), AND Pentagon: n. That big building in DC.

These buildings often contain many bustling agencies with oddly-acronymed names and people busily shuffling about within them.

And, oy, word spreads FAST...
"There's a bake-sale telethon street-fair this Sunday at the Yentagon. You going?"

"Nu, sure. I heard there might even be a fish taouk stand!
by Ezra Soiferman January 09, 2004
(or Fish Tawouk). A sandwich, always served in a pita bread, that contains rapidly shaved bits of fish that have been spun on a heated electric skewer. Often with a sweating tomato or lemon atop said skewer. In all creator's years he has never actually seen this delicacy served, sold or eaten. As far as he or Dogpile.com know, it does not even exist. But the word sure does.
I had a delicious fish taouk today. But the thing leaked on my pants something fierce.
by Ezra Soiferman January 09, 2004
When you learn a new word or you hear a person's name for the first time and then you start noticing that word or person's name everywhere.

From: Over (again), Novo (new)

i.e. Seeing that new thing again and again now that you've been introduced to it.
I had a real overnovo with this guy Justin Timberlake. I'd missed all the buzz for 2 years and then once I heard his name, I started seeing it on posters everywhere and hearing everyone talking about him. It's like th plague. Someone please stop this dreadful overnovo.
by Ezra Soiferman January 30, 2004
A person with a first and/or last name that suits his or her profession - or whose profession suits his or her name - is said to possess a jobonomic name.
Jess Carpenter: cabinet maker
Nolan Bird; pigeon trainer
Axel Rounder: car mechanic
Lana Sandler: shoe seller
Tam Gentles: massage artist
by Ezra Soiferman January 28, 2004
The dent ALREADY ON the exact spot of the car you near nearly drove into.
"I was on my way down to the Yentagon when some joker cuts me off. And wouldn't you know it... total coincident! Right on the fender I was about to slam into!"

As they don't say:

"Better a coincident than a $500 deductible."
by Ezra Soiferman January 09, 2004

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