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Basically this means "no way" with an extra "please" on the end for good measure. Supposedly said by Mr. T, but I can't remember.
Hey lets jump that dumpster in a pedalo!!!
Hell no; please!!!
by Ezra McKenzie November 07, 2006
Something so incredibly amazing that the only way to express this feeling is to masturbate profusely.
"This chicken tastes so good, it's wanktacious!!!!!"
"Mmmm I agree..."
"That girl is so hot she's wanktacious!!!"
by Ezra McKenzie November 02, 2006
An insulting term referring someone to rent themselves as either a prostitute or a rent boy.
"Nick you rent"
"You disgrace-go and rent yourself"
by Ezra McKenzie October 15, 2007
similar in context to the phrase "Nah mate" meaning "no, thankyou" or simply "no." Quite often accompanied by a gesticulation involving the waving of hands on a horizontal plane, one above the other.
Yo mf lets go see Borat at the pictodrome!
Nash, its bare weak, seen it bare times. N ting.
Brrrap. Innit Check dis.
Nash, when will you get you some ezhucation.
When yo mama leaves the house!!!!!
by Ezra McKenzie November 06, 2006

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