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1. Virtually any activity you're doing at any given point in time, cause let's face it: you're an idiot.

2. Arguably a matter of personal preference, but generally accepted as any activity the majority of people would never partake in, simply because those activities are, indeed, fucking stupid.

Tom from Accounting: "Hey, Sasha, I've got a case and a half of vodka, two freshly shaved gerbils and a picture in my head of you an me swappin' my own cum back and forth in some sort of sloppy gerbil butt-humpin' frenzy. Whatta ya say?"

Taser: "Zzap!"



Sasha: "Now those are some stupid-ass activities you've suggested, Tom. Might I suggest something more subtle once your balls stop sizzling?"
by Ezmin February 18, 2008

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