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Literally, "fuck your mother"...but generally used to mean "mother-fucker". A common spanish slang term, which found particular favor among hispanic warehouse workers.
Mexican 1: Chingue a su madre! Ay, cabron! Es too mucha work! I needa da break!

Supervisor: Don't give me any of this "chingue" crap and get back to work, goddamn it!
by Eziquio C October 29, 2007
The commonly used parental threat (usually empty threat) of intimidating one's child (or other subordinate) into doing what is asked of them. Very often used on defiant children when they refuse to go to bed or obey their parental figure.
Son: I'm not going to go to bed...I'll stay up as long as I want!

Dad: The hell you are! Get to bed or else I'm coming in there with a stick!
by Eziquio C October 29, 2007
The act of tinkering with something to make it work. Usually involving physical manipulation with one's hands (ie, "fidangling").
I tried to fidangle with them there gadget cause she done gave out on me!
by Eziquio C October 29, 2007
Generally used to describe a lesbian, but could be anyone that enjoys the "clam". Usually accompanied by "whore", as in a clam-licking whore.
Frankie: That damn dyke principal of yours is a clam-licking whore!

Linda: Don't call me a whore! But I am one hell of a clam-licker!
by Eziquio C October 29, 2007
Stands for "Lightweight Utility Vehicle", in reference to the severely underpowered and incapable Chevy LUV pickup truck of the 1970s and early 80s.
Man...I just luv your 1979 Chevy LUV!...that thing must crank out nearly 35 horses!
by Eziquio C October 29, 2007
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