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A person who appreciates Green Day for producing music that they have liked and rocked out to for a number of years now.

Though, recently and becoming more common is the older Green Day 'fan', who is ditching their loyalty to the band, as they feel that liking them is 'un-cool' now that they have been more in the public eye.

Since American Idiot was released, the kids that have grown to like Green Day through the newest album, apparently make Green Day a bad band to support.

This is a very simplistic view to take, and it just highlights that the average older Green Day fan who takes this approach is really a dumbass deep down.
True Green Day Fan: "I will remain loyal to Green Day until the day I die."

Dumbass Green Day Fan: "Green Day blow now that they are famous. I only support bands that no one has ever heard of, and when those bands become famous i shall ditch them too. I suck."
by Ezekiel Mills December 08, 2005
The term used when a person or persons cannot concentrate on the task at hand, and therefore become distracted and lose interest.
"He was oygoiling away and lost track of time and blew up the turkey."
"Oi, you, stop oygoiling and get back to work."
by Ezekiel Mills December 04, 2005

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