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Noun, adjective. The national name for the citizens of the United States of America. Not American, which means from America, the continent

Luca: Ezekiel, what think you about the United Statesian Occupation in Iraq?
Ezekiel: Mmmm... easy to say. A big split-up by an avaricious and selfish man, thus, George W. Bush.

Ezekiel: Have you heard of the party at Fatima's house?
Luca: No... was there one?
Ezekiel: Yes! it was full of United Statesians, Canadians and Brazilians.
by Ezechiel January 16, 2007
Contraction of 'love not', used as a modal verb.
Ezekiel: Luca, knew you that Melida dumped Jim?
Luca: what? I knew not that! why was that?
Ezekiels: well, she loven't him anymore.
by Ezechiel January 16, 2007
Luca: Oh, I'm so excited!
Ezekiel: How come?
Luca: I am just going to fly on a mongolfier! want you to come with me?
Ezekiel: Sure! I adore mongolfiers!
by Ezechiel January 16, 2007
1. suitable or right and expressing well the intended thought or feeling.

2. happy
1. He summed up Jack's achievements in one or two felicitous phrases.

2. I am so felicitous today since my father has returned from his journey.

NOTE: The opposite of felicitous is infelicitous.
by Ezechiel January 26, 2007
A mixture of oil, mayonnaise (= a thick cold white sauce) and ketchup (= a thick cold red sauce), used to flavour salad

Syn. French dressing

Ezekiel: Luca, want you to come to McDonalds?
Luca: yes, of course!
Ezekiel: why are you so excited?
Luca: well, the thing's that I love the fries there and even more when I put maychup on them!
Ezekiel: you're right, fries with maychup are so tasty!
by Ezechiel February 02, 2007
Cross over

1. To go to the spiritual realm when one dies and leaves the body.
2. To make somebody's spirit (persons or living creatures) go to the spiritual realm.
1. Earthbound spirits have not crossed over because they have some unfinished business / I often think about how it shall be when I cross over into the light.

2. Melinda is a medium who sees and speaks to earthbound spirits and crosses them over.
by Ezechiel February 15, 2007
1. Noun

An adult whose interests and behaviour follow youth culture; someone who has not fully grown up.

2. Adjective

An adult who has this pattern of behaviour.
1. I really cannot figure out how he dares to wear that outfit at 50. He's just an adultescent.

2. Let us go to another disco. This one is full of adultescents.
by Ezechiel February 20, 2007

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