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those stupid but hullarious to watch kids that go around in tight ass pants & stud belts &black converse & the straightened swoop bangs w/ black or verry dark hair that talk about how much they hate their lives && about killing themselves even though we know, and so do they, that they will never have teh balls to do it. oh, and they commenly wear cheap stunnas from warped tour or hottopic & they can even be cought in hollister from time to time. Basicly, theyre teh biggest fucking posers on the planet.
an example of an emo convorsation between an emo kid its a girl && her non-emo bf:
emo bitch: FUCK THIS! i hate my life! im going to kill myself!
Bf: No, baby please dont!
Emo bitch: what the fuck do you care?
BF: I love you
E.B.: Bullshit!
BF: fine bitch, whatever blows your brains out. *hangs up fone*
E.B.: *cries*

*The End*

notice how the emo bitch doesnt auctualy do anythign but cry and cuss.
by EyeFuckingHateEmoKids December 01, 2008

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