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Pronounced "Bah-Bah-Ha", it is a street term used by a person in Iraq to hint to the other person that he wants money (a bribe) and will not do anything unless he recieves the money.

Literally means "give me money" or something else that is valuable.
1) Why are you waiting!? Bahbahha and i will do it for you

2) Come on, bahbahha if you really want it done
by Eye Raki January 10, 2006
To reject someone, done publically and with an "in your face" attitude.
Swalif: I want to smoke sheesha at Edgware road
Field: Yea man, i want to come too
Swalif: Actually i changed my mind, i dont want to go
Field: Why do you always boori me!?
by Eye Raki January 11, 2006
Someone or a place which is funny or stupid

Note: It can be meant as stupid OR funny depending on the context of which it is used in.
1) Field is yakhyakh

2) come over to my place 2nite, we can smoke sheesha and it will be yakhyakh

3) Person A: "Swalif is jokes"
Person B: "Yea hes yakhyakh"
by Eye Raki January 10, 2006
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