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Jobcorps is a strange and unbidding place. First off you are lied to before you actually step foot on the property then again after you do. They give you medical in the form of medicare and at the first sign of something serious the send you home till you pay a doctor to say your better. In is a place where you have to find somthing to do or commit suicide which happened here in Homestead two weeks before I got here. On first impression it reminds you of a prison and it is though it doesn't have a ball and chain. Should you change your mind and quit you pay from your own pocket to get home. Here some of the teachers care like HVAC, Automotive others don't and are hard to find AKA: Computer Repair. The rules are in place until people get comfortable then the take away liberties without intention of returning them. I mean if you have no choice as in homeless which was my case it is an option. Truthfully I wouldn't recomend this place I was better on the side of the road they will mind wipe you into being a drone or kill you.
People do drugs all the time
High ups make living conditions impossible with the amount of restictions placed
There is a dangerous amount of mold in Homestead
The HVAC wasn't meant for the amount of people in the building so there is a high percentage of sick mostly belonging to flu or heavy upper resportory infection
PDA of any kind is not prohibited on center though rule book makes it clear that it is only supposed to stead for OVERT SEXUAL BEHAVOR
by Excessum25 June 15, 2010

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