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The most intense game ever created. The entire league is composed of two athletes: DF, who seems to win more often than not, and ST, who kindly provides each match's stadium (a humble can of Brisk).

AC, until 10/6/09, was the official rules judge until he resigned in shame after a disputed ruling. He is still the official coin tosser, and about once a week he manages to screw it up.

MV is the current rules judge, replacing AC after the recent unpleasantness regarding his resignation. He returns to this role after a 3-year layoff.

TJ is notorious for his numerous insults of His Holiness, and is often flagged by DF, the commissioner of the "other" league.

GD is the league member in charge of parliamentary procedures, moderating debates relating to nearly everything from league matters to the spelling of "peener".

CD, while Commissioner of the league, often refuses to offer a definitive opinion on most league matters.

The Top 5 Flixxxx moments ever:

1. 10th grade championship game, when ST double flicked to hand DF the win.
2. DF angrily knocking the tab off during ST's turn, provoking the epic AC resignation.
3. CD winning on the lightest non-safety flick ever. This game also included possibly the hardest flick ever by ST. Overall, the best exhibition ever.
4. ST's 8 game winning streak in 2007-2008 to end the season at 8-8. Of course, this would have been impossible if DF hadn't started the season at 8-0.
5. Cameraman getting killed by an orange in 8th grade.
Flixxxx is the best game ever.
by ExRulesJudge October 07, 2009

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