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2 definitions by ExDragaonSlayer

while oundin' your girl from behind it is the act of pulling out and jizzin' all over your girlfriend's back with out here realizing what you have accomplished. This move was invented by the great Poppa-Skeet-Skeet in early 2005.
Blake:"Last night I pulled the Mysterious Skeet on my GF's back, yo."
Conor:"Way to Skeet-it-Real my 'brother from another mother'"
Blake:"Lets go get some ice cream Poppa-Skeet-Skeet"
by ExDragaonSlayer October 18, 2006
An ugly girl that you sleep with that has a head shaped like the common kitchen appliance that toasts bread.
Conor:"I totally slayed a dragon last night."
Erik:"Was she a Toaster-Face?"
Conor:"Yes, without a doubt."
by ExDragaonSlayer October 18, 2006