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A Jordiee is a unique feminine name. A Jordiee is a blonde, blue eyed, tall, German, beautiful young lady. She is labeled as a prep and a priss but has a sweet heart. Lots of guys want to sleep with her but she usually keeps it classy. She doesn't believe in love and doesn't fall for guys. Relationships are not the best for her during her youth. But she will be happily married. She is someone who will be there for you always and should be kept close. She loves to dance and finds it like art. She should be with a guy with similar characteristics to her.

Jordiee: A tall gorgeous blonde barbie but considered a slut. Someone who sleeps around and has the mind of a guy. Fuck and chuck. Probably has been extremely hurt in the past.
You are dating a Jordiee? You lucky bastard

You slept with Jordiee? Did she call you back?

Man 1: I think I'm in love.
man 2: With who?
Man 1: Jordiee
Man 2: Man she doesn't roll like that. She doesn't get attached anymore.
by ExBoyfriend March 16, 2013

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