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Any dude who wants pussy so bad that hell fuck a blueberry waffle, also known as a waffler. Ususally people whos dick will turn blue from it.
Kyle: hey you see that new kid in town.
Dark: yea heard that kid is a blueberry cherry.
Jon:Poor dude, what a shame.
Dark: Its only a matter of time.
by Ex1022 March 24, 2011
A good place to eat.
A shaved pussy.hence eating fresh
Tony: hey what you doin after school
Jon: Goin over to subway, new deal just came out
Tony: are you sure she's subway
Jon:yea im pretty sure she's kosher
by Ex1022 March 24, 2011
Slang word for anyone who has way too many piercings so that there is an apparance of all the knacks of a grenade.
Jon: Oh my God...look at that grenade.
Dark: Yea i see it.
Jon: that is nasty shit.
by ex1022 March 24, 2011

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