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3 definitions by Ex1022

Any dude who wants pussy so bad that hell fuck a blueberry waffle, also known as a waffler. Ususally people whos dick will turn blue from it.
Kyle: hey you see that new kid in town.
Dark: yea heard that kid is a blueberry cherry.
Jon:Poor dude, what a shame.
Dark: Its only a matter of time.
by Ex1022 March 24, 2011
16 5
A good place to eat.
A shaved pussy.hence eating fresh
Tony: hey what you doin after school
Jon: Goin over to subway, new deal just came out
Tony: are you sure she's subway
Jon:yea im pretty sure she's kosher
by Ex1022 March 24, 2011
12 3
Slang word for anyone who has way too many piercings so that there is an apparance of all the knacks of a grenade.
Jon: Oh my God...look at that grenade.
Dark: Yea i see it.
Jon: that is nasty shit.
by ex1022 March 24, 2011
10 53