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To "convince" by "bewildering".

To convince someone of the validity of an argument that they themselves do not understand based partially on their perception of your confidence in it and based partially on their fear of appearing ignorant by questioning it. This is generally accomplished by purposely overloading a person or people with a litany of seemingly relevant and apparently reasonable facts and supporting sub-arguments wrapped in convoluted logic to the extent that that they are unable to grasp the argument while purposely exploiting their fear of appearing ignorant by questioning it. They therefore come to believe your argument without understanding it because they believe you understand it and since they don‘t you are evidently smarter than they are and you must therefore be correct. The argument relies on no particular validity but rather on their belief in your confidence and their fear that they will be openly punished for their ignorance if the argument is questioned.
Matt was able to bewildervince the boss into a course of action that will end in disaster.
by Evolyoushun August 03, 2008

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