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2 definitions by Evildawg

a term used by someone who is so overcome with anger that all they can think of is a combination of profanity in the form of "stupid jerk ass tits face", mostly heard when something unexpected happens.
"hey dude" "hey what's up?" "i just slept with your mother and girlfriend all week while your were gone and got them pregnant." "what?!? you, you, you "stupid jerk ass tits face"!!!"
by Evildawg December 13, 2008
When one is severely in over their head in a situation and tries to avoid a question or comment by either: overreacting, avoiding the question or comment, or changing the subject in a way obvious to anyone listening
"I was watching this guy do a backflip over a trash can and he asked me to do it, so i double backflipped over two trash cans" "no you didn't that not possible!" "yes i did you should've seen it, don't try to call me a liar you fucking idiot, hey look a goose!" "no way dude we just caught you "fried shitting" admit it!"
by Evildawg December 13, 2008