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Unlucky chance. Like serendipity but the action of finding something out completly by unlucky chance.
I tripped over walking in to the front room and broke my wrist, but when I was lying on the floor in agony I found my car keys under the sofa! That's serendopity.
by EvilG February 26, 2006
In essence much the same as the Spiderman but you pull out at the last moment and pop a neatly painted Warhammer 40K miniature in her mouth.

This is traditionally done from behind, but works equally well from in front but it can be trickier to hide the miniatures.

Beginners can use plastic miniatures and progress up to leaded ones but they must always be painted.
I dry brushed Diane last night and she was probably only expecting a plastic gene stealer.
by EvilG February 09, 2006

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