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This happens when you try the lonely fountain and miss your mouth, accidentally cumming in your eye. So you run to the sink to wash it out, while still cumming with your dick swinging from side to side like a sprinkler, all the while moaning with pain.
Now I know why girls get so pissed when you cum in their eye. It hurts like hell. I was giving myself a lonely fountain, came in my eye instead, then sprained my toe running to the bathroom to wash it out, pulling a moaning sprinkler all the way there.
by Evil-Stevil December 01, 2010
When you try to cum in your own mouth while jerking off.
I was bored one night so I decided to try the lonely fountain out. Instead, I totally missed my mouth, hit my eye and gave myself a moaning sprinkler instead.
by Evil-Stevil December 01, 2010
A person who, no matter what the situation, will choose the worst course of action. They appear to be compulsively driven to make poor choices, stupid comments and even worse life decisions.

This person is often caught up in small details that have little if nothing to do with the larger picture, or situation at hand.
WTF dude! This is the third time today you've got your dick caught in the vacuum. You must be Obsessive Retarded.
by Evil-Stevil November 08, 2010

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