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1 definition by Evil Temptress

A variation on the term "pussy whipped". With the word "pistol" referring to the male genitalia instead.. Or, a talented studbroad and her toys.
"Should I invite Claryssa to the bachelorette party?"
You can, but I doubt she'll make it, That dude she's been banging has got her so pistol-whipped she doesn't even answer my texts anymore."

"WTF, why did Carlos ditch us at this suck-ass bar?"

"Oh, I think his boyfriend wanted to leave, not him, but he's totally pistol-whipped."


"Damn! That straight friend of Lisa's is cute!"

"The one in the sun-dress? She's hot and married."

"I don't care, I could pistol-whip that ass, she won't ever go home"
by Evil Temptress October 13, 2011