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A quantity fully described with a magnititude and a direction.
Force is a vector quantity. To say 10N is not enough to fully describe force. To say 10N, right, is fully describing force.
by Evil Monkey Dishwasher February 27, 2005
Bar 1

1. a long rigid piece of metal, or simiilar material, typically used as an obstruction, fastening, or a weapon.
>a sand bank or shoal at the mouth of a harbour or an estuary.
>(british) a metal strip below the clasp of a metal, awarded as an additional distinction.
>(Heraldry) a charge in the form of a narrow stripe across the shield.
2. a counter in a public house or cafe across which alcoholic drinks or refreshments are served.
>a room in a public house, resturant, or hotel in which alcohol is served.
>a small shop or stall serving refreshments or providing a specified serivce: ex. a snack bar.
3. a barrier or restriction to action or advance: ex. a bar to promotion.
>a plea arresting an action or claim in a law case
4. (Music) any of the short sections or measures in which a piece of music is divided, shown on a score with vertical lines acrose the stave.
5. (ex. the bar) a partition in a court room, now usually notional, beyond which most people may not pass and at which an accused person the stands.
>(British) a rail marking the end of each chamber in the Houses of Parliament.
6. (ex. the Bar) the profession of the barrister.
>(British) barristers collectively.
>(North American) lawyers collectively.

VERB (ex. barred, barring)
1. fasten with a bar or bars.
2. prohibit from doing something or going somewhere.
>exclude from consideration.
>(Law) prevent or delay (an action) by objection.
3. mark with bars or stripes.

(cheifly British) except for.
>(British Horse Racing) except the horses indicated (used when stating the odds).

bar none = with no exceptions.

be called to the Bar = (British) be ammited to the barrister.

be called within the Bar = (British) be appointed a Queen's Counsel.

behind bars = in prison

ORIGIN Middle English from Old French
-barre(noun)-, -barrer (verb)-, of unknown origin.

Bar 2

a unit of pressure equivalent to a hundred thousand newtons per square meter or approximately one atmosphere.

ORIGIN Century 20: from Greek -baros: weight-
Bar 1

1. Put that bar in place to prevent the structure from collapsing.
2. That popular bar is messy.
3. The obstacle bars us from reaching the goal.
4. Music pieces are divided into bars.
5. The accused person stood at the bar.
6. The bar of the accused person is acupuncturist.

1. Bar yourself so you do not fall out of your seat.
2. It is best for people to bar sellers from selling illegal substances.
3. The room will look best if you bar it.

Bar 2
The current atmospheric pressure is 9.70 bars.
by Evil Monkey Dishwasher February 27, 2005
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