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2 definitions by Evil Lemon

A clan where all the qualitys of the words Evil and Fruits come together to P4WN YOUR AZZ!!!!1111
Fuck me I just got p4ned by the Evil fruits, the're rotten to the core
by Evil Lemon August 20, 2006
Baenoculars (n) bahy-nok-yuh-ler(s)
When one places his hands to his eyes as tunnels to assist him in the search for "Bae" (see Bae)
Can also be used with one hand to make a "baescope" if one had lost a hand in Nam.
"Dude is Eddie with that girl from the smoothie shop across the street?! Yeah man, he saw her using his baenoculars and they've been inseparable since"

"Yo tee, what are you doing?"
"I just spotted a 10 pointer with my baenoculars."
by evil lemon July 09, 2014