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On Tibia, what those bloody Brazilians ask before they derail into jibberish and nonsensicle babble.
Jevil Esus: I'm selling a fire sword!
Idiotsoccerbr: Br?
Jevil Esus: No
Idiotsoccerbr: Je he poinjkl he vc? Lmthoink!
Jevil Esus: Kill me now God if you're merciful.
by Evil Jesus August 28, 2004
In Halo it is the incredibly overpowered yet ONLY weapon to use if you wish to survive. Three head shots will take the shield off and kill the person being raped.
OMFG! (#1)Valgina killed me AGAIN!!!11one
by Evil Jesus August 28, 2004
The Mig-21 in Battlefield Vietnam.
It's extremely fast and has secondary rockets.
Jesus H. Christ the good mig leaves the combat zone in 2 seconds flat.
by Evil Jesus August 28, 2004
In Halo it is to be shot three times in the head from a pistol without them missing a shot.
Named after (#1)Valgina.
Evil Jesus: OMFG, I hate you (#1)Valgina
(#1)Valgina: I know :)
by Evil Jesus August 28, 2004
The Corsair in Battlefield Vietnam.
It moves slow, shoots slow, bombs slow, looks slow, and is in general slow. It also has the amazing ability to stall with its coffee can of a jet engine.
Look at that idiot flying in the crap air, I could parachute on him and land mine.
by Evil Jesus August 28, 2004

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