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2 definitions by Evil Hamburger

1) synonymous with crud; any undesirable substance that lingers in damp or dark places such as shower walls, sewers, toilets, pond bottoms and trashcans; usually organic in nature

2) an acronym for a parasitic feminazi with devious intent to use men for her own needs despite her hate for them; AKA Sexist Cunt Utilizes Men
1) Those catfish at the bottom of the river help clean the water by consuming the scum at the bottom.

2) Don't date that atrocious woman. She is a SCUM.

by Evil Hamburger October 18, 2005
5 10
Just another excuse to be a slut or playa.
I like you alot Tommy but I also would like to be in an open relationship Jason, Alex, Rodney, Corey but you are my favorite because they provide good sex. But you are my favorite!
by Evil Hamburger September 19, 2005
169 279