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an evil laugh often said by evil geniuses who plans to take over the entire world and make everyone eat ice cream for breakfast and potroast for supper with a side dish of...dun dun dun...STRAWBERRIES..mwuhahahahahaha..oops i wasnt supposed to let u know..i plan to do all this..now u know..NOW I MUST KILL YOU!
Please do not tell anyone :D mwuhahah
by evil genius July 16, 2003
a laugh performed by a cow who plans to kill you
I am hungry, MOOHAHA!
by evil genius July 16, 2003
A person that just rambles about nothing in particular just to hear their voice
Oh god that guy is such a zoidberg he's zoidberging
by Evil genius October 13, 2012
n. Shank Hall in Milwaukee based on Shank Hall from Spinal Tap; v. can be used in many ways, mostly as an exclamation, see below. Also associated with Gold Stars.
n. Let's go see the Umph at Shank Hall in Milwaukee! v. Shank you; Shankariffic; Shanktastic; Shankadelic; shankabulous.
by Evil Genius June 04, 2004

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