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The act of doing something that is in no way benfecial to the mission or activity.

Lots of people use this phrase. But no one you know.

See also: monkeying about

Source: Red Vs Blue, episode 53.
Griff: You said it was a real phrase like "horse doodling!"
by Evil Badman March 30, 2005
A shout of extreme frustation at the current situation. Also abbreviated for the ears of children as "FSC!"
"Hey man, watch out for that stool, it likes to fall over."
by Evil Badman April 19, 2004
A particularly brutal catfight between two or more women.

Derived from fisticuffs and cunt.
"I say, these broads are enjoying a right bout of fisticunts, wouldn't you say?"
"Here, here!"
by Evil Badman November 09, 2005

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