12 definitions by Evie

A dork-on.
Valiendil is a dork-on.
by Evie September 14, 2003
The craziest motha fucka on the PLANET. She enjoys eating bird poop and blowing up...hamsters?
Chirpdee: kind of strange to think that I'm drinking a fruit
Chirpdee: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that sounded wrong
by Evie September 14, 2003
Part of the female genitalia called the labia minora. Red pertaining to color and beef because of the fabric they are made of. These curtains come in a variety of drops and widths. Recently is has become fashionable to have curtains trimmed to suit. Curtains redness and style may vary according to amount and quality of sexual activity.
"She has a very nice pair of red raw beef curtains"

"She needs the curtains trimmed"

"My curtains are red raw"
by Evie June 02, 2004
My baby's daddy.
Father of my children.
by Evie November 27, 2003
Just look at Dot's definition and example and let Rocker and Matt Bower have a gay relationship together.
Pink Triangle = WOO.
by Evie September 14, 2003

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