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12 definitions by Evie

UC Santa Barbara-a collection of students that are drunk more days than not and have mastered the skill of studying buzzed, going to class buzzed and passing midterms buzzed.
Non SB-er: You go to UCSB? Is it true that 12% of the students have STDs?
SB student: I dont know...does it look like I take fucking a poll about that shit?
by evie February 12, 2005
532 200
The greatest actor I've ever whitnessed. Too bad half of his fanbase consists of a bunch of horny, pre-pubescent teenagers. He deserves a lot more recognition than he recieves. Thank GOD he strayed from the teen idol path or I'd have hated him. TI's = AHHHH. Go Jonneh!
"We can't stop here! This is bat country!"
-Johnny Depp, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
by Evie September 14, 2003
403 160
good; of high quality
1. Man, this cake is tops.
by Evie October 15, 2003
237 53
Not George W. Bush.
Watch the news, bitch.
by Evie September 14, 2003
237 59
Mista Blood Mamba from Robot Bastard and funny improv man from Who's Line is it Anyway.
Jeff Davis r0xx0rs my s0xx0rs
by Evie July 28, 2003
49 17
A boggers way of saying shit. Used widely in Ireland
the hurling was shite today
by evie February 03, 2003
189 177
A common typo when trying to type in 'rofl'.
yesihatethisname: eodl
yesihatethisname: ...rofl
by Evie September 14, 2003
15 5