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Two guys who frequently bring melon (watermelon, rockmelon, etc) for each other. The melon is usually nicely prepared (cut in regular sized cubes) to impress the other guy. They will usually eat the melon together and in front of other people to strengthen the melon bond. Melon brothers are usually very protective of each other.
Dude, don't you know we are melon brothers. I will fuck you up if say anything bad about my melon brother.
by EvgenyIsGreat May 16, 2010
A man who is addicted to yogurt. He will do anything for some yogurt and people usually take advantage of this. Yogoman is easily bribed with yogurt.

Yogurt left alone is fair game for Yogoman!
Shit, Yogoman ate my yogurt again. It was a massive mistake leaving my yogurt with Yogoman.
by EvgenyIsGreat May 13, 2010
A man who loves to have sex with goats.
Hide those goats before goatman sees them.
by EvgenyIsGreat May 12, 2010

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