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When you need some now. Settled by masterbating or sex
One day this hot girl texted her crush as a truth or dare prank at a sleepover saying "I'm so wet and horny" he didn't get the text for a whole day. The girls friends left by then. Her crush was over in an instent as soon as he read the text. The door rang and there he was. In his boxers. "hey sexy. Can I fix that problom of yours" she nodded. Then led him to her parents bed. Parents were out for a week. He layed her down. And kissed her. The girl quickly unbuttoned her shirt showing that she was wearing a lacy bra double d cups. The guy uncliped her bra "let's she those babe" and she slides down his boxers reveling his 9" cock And then she removes her skirt. And he starts kissing faster with more tounge. He removes her thong. And kisses her dripping wet pussy just making her more horny. And she makes it easier by placeing her legs over his shoulders and knocking him down so he has no choice but to eat her out. Then to return the pleasure she gets up and has him stand. Kneels down and gives him the best BJ the guy ever had. He sucked on his dick so much he almost cummed but resisted. "Im gunna cum let me in" she lays him back down. And she jumps on him. "ur welcome to come on in" he smiles and rolls her under him. Then puts his cock in her really slowly. He wanted to pleasure her so much. The slowness was so tormenting to her. She wanted him to go faster. But she waited. He slowly penetrated her. In and out in and out. "I CANT TAKE IT NO MORE.YOUR TO GOOD AT THIS. GO FASTER. FASTER." as she said that he smirked and did as he was told. Faster and faster. She hit an organism and screamed. "AHHHHH OH GOSH. KEEP GOING" he cummed and so did she. And she hit another organism when he found her g-spot and played around with it with his dick. He leaned up toward her boobs and sucked them. By then she was still dripping wet. She masterbated in front of him. Giving herself an organism. Which only made the guy more horny and was super stiff again. So he fucked her even more. She had once more another organism and the guy said "damn it's so easy to please you. How many more are you gunna have" "you tell me" she said the rolled over so she was on top and rode his stick. After a few more hours of fucking the guys dick fell back down. And they got dressed desiding to do it again tommorrow. This time they called you. You and the guy and girl had a threesum together

If your a girl-the guy took turns fucking you and the other girl. And you lay in a triangle. You gave the guy a blow job and the guy ate the girl out and the girl ate you out. You hit an organism and screamed. And you sucked the guys dick so much you almost chocked on his sperm and his dick halfway down your throat. The girl licked all over your bright pink pussy. She played around with it a lot. Then it felt like she was fucking you cuz she shoved her tounge up your hole sticking it in and out as fast as she could

If your a guy- you take turns fucking the girl with the guy. Then you lay in a triangle postion and the girl gives you a blow job while you give the guy a blow job and the guy eats the girl out. She suck his dick so well he cums. And you love the taste. And you cum from the girl suck your dick for the past hour. By the time you all are done the girls parents bed is covered in cum.

Both(read your gender first): after almost a whole day of fucking everyone get dressed and leaves. And you fuck them every day till her parents come home. Then you fuck everyday at your house
by Everything you'll ever need August 03, 2009

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