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Cocaine is a central nervous system stimulant, derived from the coca plant, most commonly found in South America. I've done Weed, Ecstasy, Shrooms and Oxycontin before and I'd rank coke somewhere in the middle as far as quality/price/addiction goes. It does not cause sleepiness or lazyness, like weed often does. It does'nt produce *quite* the same euphoric 'everything in the world is perfect right now' type sensation that ecstasy does, but it's still going to make you feel very very relaxed about the world around you. Coke gives more of a supreme, almost invincible feeling that is hard to describe. It gives you ALOT of energy, you'll feel some rushes throughout your body, you'll want to do things. You'll want to write that essay about some really shitty subject, because your mind is going to be sharp as fuck and your hands will be excited to be typing really fast. I've done coke 3 times, first 2 times were just a couple lines with friends. The third time I had a gram and a quarter, which I took over a couple hours. I plugged on my xbox, hopped onto halo 3 and raped the shit out of everyone I encountered on the net. My concentration and reflexes were off the charts, and I was keeping up with rank 45+ players with no problems.
As far as the comedown goes, it's not very enjoyable like weed, or how ecstasy was alright my first (and only) time. The effects of coke last about 45 minutes or so for a good sized line, and good quality coke. As soon as you start coming down, I experienced an intense craving to snort some more, which lasted for an hour or so. After this duration I felt alright, but maybe a little bit bummed out...as if I just stubbed my toe as I dropped a brand new hamburger onto the ground. There isn't a physical element to the comedown, just a strong psychological desire to take some more. Would I recommend trying coke? Yes, and no. Buy a gram and make sure you use it all up that night, don't use a little 'every now and then' or else there's a chance that it may develop into a habit. If you have any kind of heart problems then don't do it either, because your going to have a shitload of energy and your heart rate is going to rise. As long as you have a strong sense (at least 7 out of 10) of self control, then experimenting with coke is a great idea in my opinion, it's a completely fantastic drug when you don't let it become a habit.
friend one: there's a sweet party tonight, want to go?

friend 2: naw, I'm broke man...don't have any pitch.

friend 1: thats alright, i got some cocaine...lets do that instead. we'll own this party with our supreme confidence and social skills.

friend 2: you just made my day! i'll bring bitch A and bitch B as well, maybe they'll suck us off for a line!
by Everyday Struggle August 21, 2008

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