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A statement denoting that one does not want to do or take part in a certain act. Often said to express laziness or disinterest.
Homeboy: Yo shawty, let me take you out tonight
Homegirl: (with head moving side to side) I ain't even tryin to be your girl right now!

Boss: Excuse me, you're two hours late to work today.
Employee: Shoot, i aint even tryin to be here right now!
by Everybodylovesryan January 18, 2011
The cyclops. Used when a person is typing or texting a =) but mistakenly presses shift prematurely creating a +)
Mary (texting): Thx for the great time 2night! I had lots of fun! :)
Tom: Me 2! +)

Mary: What the?
Tom: Cyclops! Damn my fat finger!
by everybodylovesryan January 07, 2011

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