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He's not the hottest guy you know, but he is a definite keeper. He is nice to everyone. So don't be getting jealous! But if he decided your the one… you will be showered with love and attention. He's respectful, careing, strong, loyal, and he stops talking to his buddies to give you his full attention when you want to say something. His eyes are the most beautiful things you have ever seen, and he is a good huger. You dream of the day he will work up the nerve to kiss you. He's usually the funny, outgoing type that makes him so popular. But it shows when something is bothering him. He dosen't have the strongest self esteem, but he's working on it. He would do anything for you. There's not to many out there like a Raymond.
The kind of guy you can't stop telling your friends about

Girl 1 "…and then he said, ' I will always love you.' "
Girl 2 "really? I never knew him to be the romantic type."
Girl 3 " awwwww! your so lucky! I want a Raymond!"
Girl 1 "I don't know what I did to deserve him!!!"
Girl 2 " shhhhhh, there he is!"

* Raymond walks up and gives girl 1 a hug*
Raymond "Would you girls mind if I steal her for a surprise date?"
Girl 3 " of course not! Have fun!"
*couple walking away holding hands*
Girl 2 " Wow, she wasn't kidding! I've never seen him That happy before!"
Girl 3 "I WANT A RAYMOND!!!!!!"
by Everybody loves Raymond June 20, 2012

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