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A plain old massive cock, johnson, penis, tallywhacker, wang, dick, willie, pink torpedo, schlong and/or twig and berries.

We're talking huge here.
Dude 1: "Ouch, what happened to your head?"
Dude 2: "Some guy's Wong Tong his me in the head in the locker room, gave me a cuncussion."
Dude 1: "Uff. Was he hard?"
Dude 2: "As a brick! He's probably gay."
Chick: "A shame."
by Everybody's Homefry June 10, 2008
To bring some skill into a sport, ie. football, basketball.
Fredriqe: "Oh, touchdown! That's six!"
Alphonse: "Way to bring the balls, man. Nice TD."
by Everybody's Homefry April 16, 2008
An incredibley smooth and suave individual, with a great taste for women, and a great sense of humor.

Okay, no really:
A total jerk, with nothing better to do that hit on your girlfriend or hang around the beer table looking for an easy catch. Often unshaved, or mullet-ed, maybe even a trucker cap, if you're lucky. Thinks he's funny but really is just a numbnuts. Avoid at all costs.
Dude:"Step off douchebag, she's riding home with me."
DB: "I've got something she can ride home. Heh heh."
Dude: "And I'm sure you suck them, now go do yourself a favor and jack off somewhere else."
DB: "Come on, babe, you know you want some."
Girlfriend: "Yeah, all two inches. Back off."
by Everybody's Homefry April 30, 2008
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