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Poetry with a beat. Topics range from Street Life (the most prominent theme on the airwaves) to women/love, life in general and even to the strange and obscure such as Video Games (the obscure kind, not Halo and in case you're wondering, they were black rappers) and getting beat up at school ("Runnin").

Universally hated by people that never bothered to look into it's history or any songs beyond MTV.

Kinda pathetic really. I mean, 90% of the music on MTV or the radio is pathetic, why single out rap? Hey, the rock on there is just as bad. Do I judge the entire rock genre based on the bottom of the barrel? No, cause I'm not a stupid 13 year old. Most of the rock there is kids whining and cutting themselves, but I know the genre has some good to offer cause I BOTHERED TO CHECK OUT THE MUSIC BEFORE CRITICIZING IT. I listen to Pearl Jam as I write this.

Hey, every musical genre has it's garbage. I could name plenty of emo scene kids I see (on the internet, of course, we don't get many of those types of people around here) that are ruining your musical genre. Really, it's a grim future for ALL musical genres nowadays.
95% of the definitions here were written by people who think that rap started in the 90's and began with Dr. Dre.

They have also never heard of The Pharcyde or Del Tha Funkee Homosapien
by Ever December 26, 2007

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