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Ok for all you people wonderin this is excztly what a Scene kid is.
1.) Short choppy hair
2.) Either black or has bright colored tips or both
3.) Isnt afriad of standing out infact loves it
4.) Dresses in many mix matched colors with eyeliner and probly some other form of eye makeup
5.) Loves odd things and wears accesories like: Bows fingerless gloves many bracelets, headbands, and tiaras
6.) outfits ussually consist of: Band tee, skinny jeans, converse, lots of accersoies, And bead head
7.) Love animal prints
8.) There favorite store is ussually Hottopic or Wet seal
9.) Has an account on various social sites like myspace aim facebook and fills it with pics from crazy angles
10.) Tends to laugh at preps and gangsters
11.) Tend to be rebelious and doesnt like authority
Walkin in the mall and coming out of hottopic is a group of kids being loud and abnoxious wearing crazy colors and having choppy hair.
those are you avergage scenekid
by Eve_Libertine August 19, 2008

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