11 definitions by Eve

someone with buck teeth or a messed up grill.
(the name jamie foxx gave to a woman with buck teeth ina bar)
"Man she got tha latwonis"
by Eve April 19, 2005
pam girl who can describe an oak leaf as a leaf you may have seen burning in your fireplace. also, has seen the big trees.
big trees. a vision one might see when at the hight of orgasm
by eve April 16, 2005
Degenerate who grows up on 8 Mile Road, talks serious shit...and should probably never leave the side of a heavily armed bodyguard willing to take a bullet (and lose his life) for a cocky mouth-piece.
Eminem, 50 Cent, Jay Z
by eve July 20, 2004
describes the degree/s of a feeling, state of mind, or adjective.
"Honey, you know I was all shades of pissed." "Lady, you are all shades of fabulous."
by Eve October 09, 2003
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