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2 definitions by Evans da slang mysta

someone who 'frizzles' the situation, rejects what everyone has said and goes with his own choice and completely screws up. Also refers to someone who is high, causing him to act sexually to men when is gay.

ME: "Jack just totally blew us off! We told him not to kick da ball and he did anyway! I didn't even work! They scored!"
MATHEW "piece of shit! What a Frizzler!"

ME: wally's screwed up. Hes got a girlfriend and he's trying to screw guys.
MATHEW: maybe he's a frizzler?
by Evans da slang mysta June 26, 2009
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A whining, whinging whiteboy (seagull is white so is kid) who does nothing but complain and complaints tend to sound like a seagull.
Seagulls: "Squawk squawk!"
Mr Williams: "Shut up William!"
by Evans da slang mysta July 10, 2009
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