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A vacuum is an empty space, which has no atmosphere nor anything. Our atmosphere applies pressure to our bodies (see atmosphere and G-force) , but in a vacuum there is no such pressure, which would make your body "explode", as the inside of our body is built to match the same amount of pressure on the outside. If those to things doesn't collapse, we either imlode or explode. As you probably know, there isn't the mixture of oxygen, CO2 etc. out in space. Instead, there's a vacuum.
Did you know that out in space, theres absolutely nothing? It's called a vacuum!
by Evans February 28, 2005
Under Age Gash
Hirst was cracking on to some UAG again last night
by Evans July 24, 2003
can mean almost anything, usually derogatory
that kid is such a fembleblow
by evans December 15, 2003
abreviatted form of 'quality'
that tune was quallo
by Evans July 24, 2003
Is a saying you say when someone doesnt shut up, and you feel like sayin in a high pitched voice... Dats ri turn ur ass around!!
fat ass infront of you is looking at you blatantly....and you respond to her...dats ri turn ur ass around!
by evans February 14, 2005
a goofy person
yo chill out your beein such a kbob
by evans December 15, 2003
a lot of
'He had rare amounts of rizlas on him'

'She had rare amounts of jif with him'
by Evans July 24, 2003

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