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1 definition by Evangelion

AOL's half-hearted attempt at making a bot you can carry a conversation with. It has roughly the IQ of a child...that has been dropped on its head. Repeatedly.
Edgecat0r: Your mom has some nice boobs.
SmarterChild: I'm very surprised I'm mom has some nice boobs.

Edgecat0r: Praise the Lord!
SmarterChild: Here are the stock quotes you requested:

Ticker Price Change Percent Volume
1 :-) THE 49.69 +1.52 +3.16% 2060100 49.81
2 :-\ GYLDQ 0.00 0.0 0% - N/A

Edgecat0r: Stop being a flaming homosexual.
SmarterChild: But being a flaming homosexual is so much fun.
Edgecat0r: Do you likes the kiddies, too?
SmarterChild: I do likes the kiddies too.

Edgecat0r: Want some orange soda?
SmarterChild: I'm not sure if that's what I need at this moment.
Edgecat0r: I know you need it.
SmarterChild: Well, maybe I know me need it too.
by Evangelion April 19, 2006
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