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A place where straight males can go to be gay. A place where gay males can go to be themselves. And a place for everyone else to can go to troll these self absorbed losers.

An average style forum member will post pics of what they were wearing that day, comment on the style and fashion of other supposedly straight men, and discuss other non-manly things.

It should be mentioned, that while it's ok to dress nice, it's a whole other ballgame to gone on the interwebz and post pictures of your cute little "fits"(as they like to call them, short for outfits).
Supposed straight male #1:What do you guys think of my fit? D&G sunglasses, APC jeans, XS AA V-neck T-shirt and $400 sneakers.

Supposed straight male #2:Oh that just looks Thsuper on you! However, I don't really like the way the t-shirt drapes on your frame! Love everything else though! Muah!

Gay member interrupts:Oh I'm so glad all of you alleged straight men hang out in styleforum.net. Delish!
by Evan454354543 June 26, 2011

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