1 definition by Evan Kaplan

The most powerful and energetic music ever made. THe music that doesnt hold back and refuses to be censored. the musics who has something to say about everything, and most importantly the music that will never die as long as punk bands are still making good music (The Virus, THe Unseen, lots of local bands, and etc.), the punk music that was made a long time ago (Minor Threat, Social Distorion, Bad Brains, Conflict, The Exploited, Black Flag, The Subhumans, The Germs, and i could go on forever) lives on inside us and influences us still, and that there are still true punks that support the scene. In the words of The Exploited, "Punk's Not Dead!"
Punk1: Good Charlotte and Simple plan and all those other pop punks band killed punk.
Punk2: Punk's not dead! Those bands do suck ass, but they didnt kill punk. punk'll never die.
Punk1:tru dat boi
by Evan Kaplan May 05, 2005

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