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1. An African American lowlife who simoutaneously rolls under moving cars to gain attention in order to get money.

Origin: Detroit Ghetto
The old sweggy was worn and tired after a long day of car rolling.
by Evan Baker February 19, 2005
Being in bed with yourself and screwing him or her self in bed
If you were as ugly as Warren sapp you wuold be fuckin'yourself every night
by Evan Baker February 19, 2005
1.The act of being happy in a certain situation.

2.To eat cookies on a Tuesday night and to be happy about it.
Paul was happy-go-high after I fed him some bean dip.
by Evan Baker February 19, 2005
A man who has lost his bestfriend "his penis".
my friend lost his Qwaaaaaa in a terrible accident.
by Evan Baker February 20, 2005
1. The act of putting a piece of hair in ones eye.
2. To eat Cheerios with Little Debbie snack cakes and eat blue surger.
3. A bug that draws on ones house and laughs at Bob Dylan.
1. I did a doodlebug on his eye.
2. I ate a doodlebug and was happy.
3. The doodlebug drew on my house and Bob was not happy about it.
by Evan Baker February 19, 2005
Looking like a asswhipe that live in the dark all his life and havent eaten a cracker or a bean snack all his of her's life.
When that ass whipe came out of the 2000 yr old well he looked like a shit t face
by Evan Baker February 19, 2005
To be stuck in a trafic jam or block; to be aggrivated
"Yesterday I was in New York and I was Creepin Like A Baller
by Evan Baker February 19, 2005

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