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A sneaky term for sodomy generaly used by pedophelic priests to trick young boys of the church to submit to anal sex. This term refers to anal sex and the origin of the name is likely the fact that sodomy and the excretion of feces are similar except for the direction of movement of the particular object residing in the rectum.
Father Brown: "Young man, your sins against the church, and against God are without number. Those were terrible acts, and there is only one way for you to repent. We must perform... The Reverse Poo. And when that's finished, we can play a nice game of Suck-the-Banana."
#sodomy #butt fuck #anal sex #cock block #fudge pack #o-ring tear
by Evan Amabile May 09, 2006
A ridiculous looking hairstyle sported by douche-drinking cock-hounds, otherwise known as emos or scenesters. People who have a reverse mullet are great to beat up because they can't see out of one of thier eyes due to the hair covering it, and they are usually 90-pound douches. also, feel free to make fun of reverse-mullet wearing men, because they also wear makeup.
"Liam is such a fucking queer, his reverse mullet makes him look like an ass-hound. Die bitch, die."
#emo #scenester #faggot #chickenhead #liam edgington-green
by Evan Amabile May 10, 2006
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