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Another word for patna, homie, bruh bruh, cus cus, sis sis, n**ga, etc.

NOT PRONOUNCED like the alcohol gin, but like if you were saying "agin" without the "a" (guh sound)
"Wuzup my Gingin?"
"It aint nuthin to a Gingin!"
by Evan aka E DIZZLE April 23, 2006
When a girl cancells your sex plans at the last minute, like flaking out.
"Man! I was so mad when this girl faked on me last night! She called and said her brother just got in town. She don't got a brother!"
by Evan AKA E Dizzle April 24, 2006
Ghost ride the whip is when you walk next to your car while it is still rolling. Ghost ride the <i>stick</i> is when you do it in a stick shift car by putting it in neutral.
You wanna ghost ride the stick in the parking lot after school?
by Evan AKA E Dizzle April 27, 2006
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