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After consuming a large meal, this act consists of taking the biggest shit of your life, which expands your asshole to the equivalent of childbirth.
Call the utilities company, I just dropped a McFetus.
by Evan, Eddie, and Kurt October 16, 2006
Whilst pulling your pointer finger out of your nostil, a stretchy, gummy substance sticks to your finger and the inner rim of your nose. Also known as stretchy boogers.

Some string boogers are known to stretch several inches before detaching from the nostril.
I just had an extremely long stringy booger which, to dispose of, I proceeded to wipe under the edge of the table.
by Evan, Eddie, and Kurt October 16, 2006
Diarrhea that sprays all over the toilet bowl, creating a speckled effect on the white porcelain.
Last night after alcohol and Taco Bell I did a speckled paint job on the toilet, and it burnt my asshole.
by Evan, Eddie, and Kurt October 16, 2006

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