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Waymond is the best guy on the whole world. Moreover, he's the guy I love and want to be with. And as far as I know he feels the same way about me.
Waymond means love, happiness, safety and extra cheese. Is smart, handsome, totally hawt, caring, loving and kinky. Can be associated with Effie, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, scented candles and bath with lots of bubbles.
And oh, Waymond has nothing to do with so called Raymond style. Oh no. Trust me. I know.
me&Waymond want to buy some watewpwoof sheets.

I can't wait to see Waymond in his kilt.

by evalyen February 04, 2006
the one and only guy who has both testicles larger
99,9% of men have one testicle larger from the other one. both of chuck norris' testicles are larger.
by Evalyen February 03, 2006
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