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A fat bitch who thinks she's skinny, and tries to mack on all the dudes.
Damn, look at the size of that bitch, thats the third dick shes sucked tonight shes a big ol biscuit bitch.
by EvGottie May 06, 2006
A slut that doesnt think she is a slut. but all the guys know she is.
That Kalie girl is a ski hoe shes the community bike.
by EvGottie December 30, 2005
Something that is gay, or bullshit.
This question is jooish.
by EvGottie March 15, 2006
Added to the end of a word to make it funnier.
Joo-Boner, Cock-Boner, Viner-Boner, Asshole-Boner
by EvGottie May 04, 2006

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